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Another day, another diet I imposed on myself so you know which ones are actually doable and others you should avoid at all costs if you are setting new health goals for the new year.

This diet, however, can be a little weird for most, as meal plans consist of baby food.

What brought me here? Well, let’s just say that I’ve talked too much about my little fetish for mushy baby food, the one that can be easily bought on the supermarket shelves, and our editor thought it was a good idea for me to l ‘try for a week or as long as my body can tahan (take it), all in the name of research.

If you are wondering, the baby diet was actually a thing in 2010, with Friends star Jennifer Aniston allegedly giving it a try, which would have prompted other celebrities to jump on the bandwagon.

Since each jar of baby food contains around 80 calories, you should eat up to 14 jars of baby food with one regular meal per day for three days. Tea, coffee and water are allowed. But I wanted to challenge myself further by having it for all three meals and with fewer jars as baby food in Singapore can be quite expensive, depending on the brand it can go up to $ 7 a jar.

Here’s what I thought about the diet and why you shouldn’t do it the way I did.


As with every new diet or experience, I started with enthusiasm. I mean, I can eat baby food without being judged because I can use the article as an excuse.

I bought four jars of baby food (for babies six months and older) to keep me going on day one, two savory and two sweet when I needed a pick-me-up or started feeling hungry .

Needless to say, two jars per meal was not enough, especially since I was on a mission in the morning.

Because everything was mashed, I felt like I was consuming nothing and my appetite was insatiable, but I wasn’t going to give up so quickly.

Dinner arrived and to feel better I poured the contents into a bowl to make my mind believe I was eating soup. I have to say the creamy banana porridge I had for dessert was the best baby food I have had.

The first day, I slept on an empty stomach.


I was in a bad mood the second day because I was hungry. I skipped some grapes in the morning just for the sugar blast to keep my blood level from dropping. By noon I was feeling really weak, tired, and my brain was in a fog. Every step I took was starting to feel laborious, so I decided to take a break from the diet and ordered a bowl of noodles for lunch just to refuel.

From a bowl of noodles, I switched to nibbling on cookies from the office pantry, and finally, gave in and had dinner too.

Day two was a complete flop. I ate as if I was making up for the lack of food the night before. I felt guilty, but I needed to listen to my body.


Ready to take another day of baby food after I had replenished my energy, I needed to rethink my strategy if I was to make this diet work.

Going out with baby food for all three meals was a crazy thing to do – do yourself (or your body) a favor and don’t put it under that kind of stress. And eating 14 jars a day was not doable either because I couldn’t consume more than two jars at one time.

I decided to replace dinner with regular food according to the recommendations of the diet and only take baby food for breakfast and lunch. I also bought baby cookies to snack on between meals to keep me feeling full.

The baby food I bought for day three and four was for babies at seven and eight months old, which contained chunks of pasta and carbohydrates, which made it more substantial. The flatfish and vegetable porridge tasted like home cooked meals and was more palatable.


By now I was getting used to having small, frequent meals and being less hungry – which is probably a good thing that came out of this experience. Eating strategic mini-meals throughout the day is also what some doctors advise. avoid overeating.

I had also become so used to the bland food that I also opted for “cleaner” food for dinner.

It will probably take a few days to regain my usual appetite and more seasoned foods.


My love for baby is definitely gone in the past four days. Whatever secret fetish I had for baby food before, it’s probably put on hold for a long time, if not eradicated.


I don’t think I’ll ever walk down the baby food aisle at the supermarket feeling tempted to buy a jar at home again. Although I think it could be a good food replacement if you are thinking of cutting back on calories. Don’t replace all three meals completely with baby food.

I cannot say if eating potted baby food is nutritious and healthy; although some packaging states that it is free of preservatives and artificial colors, the banana flavor in the custard that I had tasted was wrong.

In four days, my weight went from 49.9kg to 48.8kg, just 1.1kg, which might just be water weight loss and will be quickly regained once I quit the system of government.

My conclusion on baby food is therefore this: it is best to leave it to the intended consumers, the babies.


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