The process for producing your Personalised Teddy Bear is not a simple one and is a mixture of our work and your input; first we have the New Supersoft Ko-Hair Teddy Bear fabric- one of the finest Teddy Bear fabrics available- coloured to our special chosen Pantone colours. The end result of this collaboration is a completely unique Teddy Bear Gift -because your Teddy Keep is custom made to your exact specifications, it would be impossible to find another Teddy Bear want it in the world- rendering it a fantastic present for someone you care about, friend or family member.Image result for teddy bear

We have, together with our appreciated customers, created hundreds and hundreds of unique Teddy Bears from our own outlets, and those of our Teddy Bear producing partners in the BRITISH, Spain, Mallorca, and Tenerife. Take note it’s your suggestions that produces the soft teddy bear Gift so special. Typically the reason your Plush bear is so unique is really because you decide how your Plush bear looks, what the Teddy Bear’s hoodie says and what the Teddy Bear’s greeting card says.

Right now this is where you come in, for it can your input that will make the Teddy Bear Gift so special. First you choose your Teddy Bear’s colour and select a hooded top to go on the Teddy Bear. Then comes the personal touch; you select the textual content to go on the Teddy Bear’s hooded top; choosing a heart, superstar and even kisses to add to the Teddy Bear’s garment. This allows one to truly express yourself in a meaningful and sincere way. After all, it’s your input that brings about the Teddy Bear’s final, unique look!

Collectively we can create a beautiful, personalised Teddy Bear Gift. Not only do you get to decide on the Teddy Bear’s personalisation information, however the next step also invites you to personalise the Teddy Bear’s greetings card both on the front and inside. Once we get your instructions, we insight the personalisation message for the Teddy Bear’s outfit into an embroidery software application that converts your concept into a stitching record. The tiny hooded Snuggly Bear garment is framed up and the design outputted to the adornments machine where a track takes location to ensure perfect keeping of your chosen design on the Teddy Bear’s garment. All of this is done to make certain that your Teddy Bear appears exactly right, based on your personal specifications.

While the Plush bear garment is embroidered, we print your customised message on the Snuggly Bear’s greetings card and print the Teddy Bear’s passport. Next the customized Plush bear, the custom hey there card and the Snuggly Bear passport are all positioned in the surprise box and the Teddy Bear is dispatched for you. All of this is done with the greatest care to make certain that your Teddy Bear arrives in perfect condition. Most of these extra special touches, put with each other with your input, really make our Teddy Bears incomparable – your Snuggly Bear will become a fine example of your individuality, and is also sure to become a cherished and memorable gift.