Chances are your flowers are still blossoming, but before you know it you’ll have to think about making your garden ready for winter. That is one of the times that you can make real changes to your garden. But maybe you have no inspiration at all when it comes to re-decorating your garden. And maybe you just want to make some small changes. Gardening Express can provide you with garden tools and other garden products, but not all garden centres have the time to give you inspiration. So what are the things every garden needs? What can you do to decorate your empty garden? And what kind of things can you add to your garden to make it even more special? We would like to present you with at least a few ideas. Hopefully, you can use the tips to make your garden your own little paradise.


A Place to Sit
Even the most beautiful garden is worth nothing if you can’t enjoy it. And the best place to enjoy it is a place to sit. The first thing you need to create is a terrace or other flat surface to put a few chairs on. A veranda will also do the trick. On hot summer days, you might want this terrace to be in a shady place. You can put the garden tiles under a tree or create your own shade by placing a large parasol. Then, you can place some garden furniture. Sun loungers are ideal for relaxed afternoons of sunbathing, but picnic tables, garden tables, garden chairs and complete garden sets can also offer a nice seat.


Flowers and Plants
Of course, a garden needs some flowers and plants. A garden is no garden without it. You can fill your garden with flowers, bushes and trees or put some nice little plants in a neat border. Some people like wild plants overgrowing their garden while others like a border of plants along with some garden path. It’s your choice.


A Useful Garden
You can also choose to make your garden useful. You can do that by adding some fruit trees. Apple trees, pear trees or strawberry bushes are a great start if you want to grow your own fruit. But you can also plant some herb seeds and grow your own herbs. Another option is to grow your own vegetables.


Garden Storage
Your garden also needs a place to put your garden tools. You can choose from log cabins, carports, garages, garden sheds, garden offices and even entire garden homes. It all depends on how large your garden is and how much of that space you want to spend on a storage facility.


Special Features
If you have a large garden, you can put down some special features. Many people like to have a pond or even a swimming pool in the garden. Others might like a trampoline, children’s playhouse, swing or other buildings your children can use to play.


So hopefully, we’ll have given you some food for thought. In the meantime, you might want to enjoy your garden while the sun is shining.